Who is TM?

TM is me – Thomas Grant. Is that my pen-name? Who knows? Honestly, I’m a nobody who seems to have just done a decent amount of things. I’ve been in mental institutions, jail, I’ve been a Taoist monk, an actor and comedian, an academic, a journalist, a car salesman, a stock broker, a corporate executive, a school teacher, a musician, an underground street fighter, homeless, a bus boy, a Christian, a gang leader, a botanist, an underground chemist and drug dealer, a lover of women, an alcoholic, a poet, a politician, a poker dealer, a lover of fine wine, a bibliophile, a rock climber, a computer technician, a graduate student, a writer, an accountant, a thief, an attempted murderer, a truck drivers apprentice, a socialite, a hypnotist, a critic, a home contractor, ┬áthe manager of a bouncy house company, a volunteer for underprivileged children, a protester and canvasser, and most recently a blogger… I’m sure there are other things. We’ll get to all that though.